FDA Increases Irradiation Allowances

Sabrina General

Two final rules by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which increase the maximum allowable dosage of irradiation in meat and poultry products is now in effect. Sabrina Hill has …

New GOP Members on Ag Committee

Sabrina General

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas announced the new Republican Members who are expected to serve on the Committee in the 113th Congress. Click to Open or Download Audio Report

Ruling Awaited in MD Ag Case

Sabrina General

Farmers and environmentalists around the nation are awaiting a ruling from a judge in Baltimore, Maryland. A poultry farm is accused of violating the federal Clean Water Act by polluting …

CA Raisin Appeal

Sabrina General

An appeal from a group of California raisin producers is headed to the Supreme Court. It’s the latest movement in the Horne V. US Department of Agriculture case, which stems …

Wenger Questions Policy of Endorsements

Sabrina General

Should farm bureaus continue to endorse political candidates? California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger brought up that questions during the general session of the federation’s 94th annual meeting. Sabrina …

Western Growers To Tell Consumers About Ag

Dan General

Western Growers Association is currently rolling out a campaign for external audiences, such opinion leaders, elected officials and journalists, about what Western Growers farmers do and what they require to …