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Progress on Canada Dairy Issue

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canada dairy exportsThe Associated Press reports more farmers impacted by what they call unfair trade practices by Canada have found a buyer for their milk. A Wisconsin state officials told the Associated Press Tuesday that around 15 more farms have found buyers or have promising leads. If those deals go through, that means 20 to 25 of the 58 farms dropped by Grassland Dairy will still need to find other buyers by Monday. President Donald Trump Tuesday in referring to the trade dispute wrote on Twitter that: “We will not stand for this.” His comments were praised by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who said he spoke with Trump about the Wisconsin farmers seeking help after being dropped following a change in Canada’s pricing policy for domestic milk that evaporated the demand for U.S. milk. Trump’s tariff announcement on lumber products from Canada was seen as a response to the dairy issue. Walker said in a separate news release Tuesday that the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority is offering dairy farmers and processors better terms on loan guarantees from now until August, which could encourage processors to make investments to accommodate more milk.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.

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