fire damage costly

Agri View: Costly Brush Fire Disasters

Dan Agri View, Forestry

brush fire damage costly


Everett Griner talks about brush fires costly to farmers this year in today’s Agri View.




Back in late February I did the best update I could on agriculture losses in that series of tornadoes that struck all the way from Louisiana into Georgia. You know the general news media never gives a report on farm losses in weather disasters. For instance. How much have you heard about that series of fires that struck several mid-western states a couple of months ago. Well here is a little. Over a million acres of prime grazing land was burned. It wasn’t just grass. Hundreds of cattle were caught in the fire. Some were burned so badly they had to be destroyed. One rancher lost 100 head. Now on a positive side. Farmers from unaffected areas began donating hay to help feed the affected area. But, my point is, how much did you hear in the news about those farm losses. If you heard anything, you were an exception.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.

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