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How do you like your salad? Cathy Isom tells us about a company that is turning a vending machine into a veggie machine. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.




A Chicago-based company is making sure more vending machines around the U-S contain fresher, healthier snacking and meal options than just the usual snack chips and candy bars. Farmer’s Fridge sells salads out of vending machines, using locally grown and organic ingredients, and recyclable and reusable containers. Along with fresh salad options, other menu items include oatmeal, chicken and tofu. You’ll only find them at locations in and around the Chicago area, including at schools, hospital and the airport. But the company is growing. And, it’s keeping up with up with technology. Customers will soon have the option of using an app on their smartphone to check inventory of their nearest Farmer’s Fridge machine and access rewards deals customized for their account. The company restocks its kiosks every morning and donates anything leftover to local food banks.

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Learn more, and to contact Farmer’s Fridge, please click here.

Images courtesy of Farmer’s Fridge/Pinterest.

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