Survey Shows Farmers Concerns

Dan Industry News Release

A new survey by the Farmer’s Business Network shows the current concerns farmers have in the United States. The new Voice of the Farmer Report examines the state of modern day farming through a combination of interviews with farmers and analysis of millions of acres of real farm yield and thousands of farmer seed and chemical invoices and price records. The survey finds issues including farm profits, industry consolidation, farm consolidation and health care, along with technology needs, are all top-of-mind for farmers and ranchers. The report predicts industry consolidation will likely further hurt the current low farm profits, and farm consolidation will put further pressure on independent farmers. The report also says health care coverage and cost is a major concern for farm families, noting a family of five might pay thousands of dollars for health care premiums, forcing farm families to add off-farm jobs and further pressure their profits. You can find the 72-page report online at Farmers Business Network dot com (

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.

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