spring crop damage

Agri View: Spring Crop Damage

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spring crop damage


Everett Griner talks about spring brings more bad weather, and damage, to the fruit crops in today’s Agri View.



Spring is always a welcomed time of year for everybody. But the final days of winter were another costly period for farmers. Especially in the southeast. One of the coldest nights came on March 16th. Just a few days before spring. It hit fruit growers with a vengeance. Especially peaches and blueberries. Damage to peach trees, and the spring crop, has been estimated at about 40 percent. No estimate on blueberry losses yet. But growers say it was the worst March they have ever seen. Up until that late season freeze it had been too warm for peach growers. See, there are 40 varieties of peach trees grown in the southeast. And, none have had enough chill hours for them to set a good crop. And then suddenly the freeze hits just as the trees are dubbing and blooming. In one night, there goes the 2017 crop.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.

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