ARS Announces New Scientific Impact Video Series

Dan General


Andrew Moyer, in his Peoria laboratory, discovered the process for mass producing penicillin.

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is pleased to debut a video series highlighting important scientific advances that occurred because of ARS research. This first YouTube video highlights ARS’ role in large-scale commercial production of penicillin. While discovered in England, the ability to mass-produce penicillin occurred in the United States at an ARS lab in Peoria, Illinois.

This video showcases one of the many advances made by our Agency that touches American lives daily. Each dollar invested in ARS research results in $17 of economic impact.

Please visit the USDA YouTube channel ( in the future for more videos in this series. Enjoy, like and share!

For more information contact Jan Suszkiw, ARS Office of Communications.

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