Increased Blueberry Volumes from Naturipe

DanFruits & Vegetables, Industry News Release

blueberryIdeal growing conditions are on the rise throughout the United States and Naturipe Farms has promotable blueberry volumes available which is meeting increased consumer consumption trends and offers promotion opportunities at retail.

With earlier harvests this year, “We are now seeing optimal quality and production from Florida & Georgia,” says Mario Flores, Director of Blueberry Product Management. “Northern Florida and South Georgia’s southern highbush blueberry production has blueberryreached peak daily harvest and has promotable volumes for the domestic season.  From today (week 16) through the next two weeks, the southeast will have good availability of quality, fresh blueberries,” he added.

Now that the cool, wet weather is subsiding, “California production is gradually increasing. Albeit a bit later than last year, we expect volumes to ramp up the beginning of May and see the peak of harvest from the second week of May into the first week of June,” says Mario.

Blueberries are the only (fruit) expecting increased consumer consumption in 2017, according to the USHBC. With this increase, Naturipe offers a variety of pack sizes to fit any retailer store’s needs, and suggests that retailers plan accordingly with promotions for the southeast these next three weeks and mid-May through June for California blueberries.

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