Fungicide Resistance Management Minute

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Here is this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva. We’re hearing from Lindee Love, Corteva’s Strategic Account Manager in Northern California on the importance of talking to your neighbors.

Q: We’ve talked a lot about monitoring what’s happening in your orchard or your crop, but what about what’s going on next door?

A: It’s good to stay in contact with your neighbors to see what they’re seeing in the field and if you guys have similar issues. Each area is specific to certain pathogens or disease pressure. Some ranches might be a colder site or warmer site, or get more rainfall or have more specific issues, so it’s important to have that connection with your neighbor, to have the open discussion on what they’re seeing in the fields. Are they having any issues? What problems they might be facing? Just so that you have an idea of what your neighbors are doing and what is and is not working. Say that they have a specific disease or pathogen present in the field. You want to make sure if it’s adjacent to your ranch that you’re being proactive with your fungicide program.

Q: Lindee, where can folks get more information on all of this?

A: Growers could contact their local Corteva Agriscience representative or visit Corteva.US/fungicideresistance.

Thank you for all the information. That was Lindee Love with this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva.

Sabrina Halvorson
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