Fungicide Resistance Management Minute

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Here is this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva. We’re hearing from Daniel Abruzzini.

Here is this week’s Fungicide Management Minute, brought to you by Corteva. On the phone with us this week is Western Market Manager for Corteva, Daniel Abruzzini.

Q: This week let’s talk about how to implement integrated disease management strategies and to start us off, give us an idea of what a good disease management strategy is.

A:  When it comes to disease management, there are a few different ways. One is scouting your fields on a regular basis depending on the crop that you have in the season. Also, being aware of the weather patterns and what you’re dealing with such as a rainy season or if it’s cool weather or high humidity, and knowing the past history of your field. Choose the correct fungicides to look at or use to prevent any of the problems that you might see in that field. Those things can all lead to a successful season.

Q: With this season in California, what should growers be looking for with the type of weather that we’ve had?

A: So far, with the El Nino pattern, there’s been a lot of rain events coming through. A lot of atmospheric rivers. And so, products like Fontelis in tree nuts give an excellent opportunity and have great control on diseases such as black rot, brown rot, and others. So a product like that would be a perfect fit for someone this spring.

Q: What would be some first steps to implementing their disease management strategy?

A: One of the first steps is just looking at the FRAC groups and kind of what the diseases are that you’re trying to control. We offer different FRAC group fungicides at Corteva. One is Indar, which is a FRAC Group 3. And then, as I mentioned, we have Frontelis that’s a 7. We also have a new one this year, Aproach that’s a standalone 11. So, in a rotation program, you could plug that in. Each one of those have certain strengths. Indar is a more early-season fungicide. Aproach, you can apply in the middle of the season and then Fontelis you can finish up. So, that would be a complete program that Corteva would have to offer.

Q: We’ve gone through a lot of information. Where can growers get more?

A: Corteva has a website and if you go to you can get more information on all the products I mentioned today and some of the new products we have coming out in the future.

Thank you for all the information. That was Daniel Abruzzini with this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva.

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