Fungicide Resistance Management Minute

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Here is this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva. We’re hearing from Lindee Love, Corteva’s Strategic Account Manager in Northern California on how protecting the crop from fungi affects its overall health.

Q: Lindee, we’ve talked a lot about fungicide resistance over the last twelve weeks. Now tell me, how can protecting your crop from fungi impact the crop’s overall health?

A: Protecting your crop with a fungicide is going to help protect the crop from disease and mitigate the growth and potential spread of that pathogen. So, it can help the grower protect their crop and minimize loss. And with the increased costs, whether it’s labor or fuel, every trip across the field, they have to make it count. Because of increased costs and the decrease in prices for a variety of ag commodities which include wine grapes, walnuts or almonds, they’re really watching their bottom line and they don’t want to go out and make an application unless it’s absolutely necessary and it’s going to protect the crop. And by protecting the crop, they’re also going to help reduce the impact of plant stress. They want to try to protect the crop and increase the yield, if possible, with the current prices in a lot of the ag commodities right now.

Q: I ask you every week, but once again tell us, where can we find more information?

A: Growers could contact their local Corteva Agriscience representative or visit Corteva.US/fungicideresistance.

Thank you for all the information. That was Lindee Love with this week’s ‘Fungicide Resistance Management Minute’ brought to you by Corteva.

Sabrina Halvorson
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