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HM.CLAUSE is a business unit of Limagrain, an international co-operative agricultural group, specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. HM.CLAUSE is made up of two parts Harris Morgin in the United States and CLAUSE in France. The company roots go back to 1785, with its founding organization, Tezier.

Andre Cariou and Gary Cooper talk at a park in Davis, California.

Andre Cariou and Gary Cooper talk at a park in Davis, California.

Vice president of global sales for HM.CLAUSE, Andre Cariou, spoke with AgNet Media’s founder and president, Gary Cooper about this unique seed company and his role in the company. Cariou currently works out of HM.CLAUSE’s office in Davis, California. Cooper was on a business trip in California working with the AgNet West Radio Network team and met with Cariou, at a local park in Davis, to get this exclusive interview.

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Cooper also met with Dr. Wayne Wiebe, HM.CLAUSE’s Director of Quality Assurance, and spoke with him about HM.CLAUSE’s high standards of quality. He also discussed the different aspects that come into play with assuring product quality for products that are distributed world-wide.

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