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MacLennan makes a strong case for open and inclusive trade policies at the Financial Times Commodities Global Summit

Cargill plans
Cargill Chairman and CEO David MacLennan today laid out a strong case for open and inclusive trade policies in his keynote address at the Financial Times Commodities Global Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland.

MacLennan maintained that the world is at a critical tipping point in international trade policy, and called on industries represented at the event to join together to support the development of sound trade agreements and to be on guard against a growing sentiment toward more restrictive trade measures. Continue reading

Cargill plans
Cargill plans to spend $2.7 million to expand and upgrade an Ontario, Canada processing facility that handles 1,500 head of cattle per day. Continue reading

Cargill Chair and CEO David MacLennan


As Cargill Chair and CEO David MacLennan looks at the North American Free Trade Agreement, pulling out of the deal would have a “chilling effect on the already depressed agricultural economy.” He says new trade deals must fill the hole left by the Trump Administration’s move to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Continue reading

This replacement oil would ease harvesting pressure on wild fish populations

Cargill Rapeseed oilA new groundbreaking type of canola in development by Cargill could give aquaculture farmers a more sustainable way to raise fish rich in EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

The plant-based source of the nutrients, developed in collaboration with BASF, could provide an alternative to using fish oil in aquaculture feed and could ease harvest pressure on wild fish populations that currently supply much of that oil. In feeding trials it conducted with salmon in Chile, Cargill was able to completely replace fish oil in feed rations with oil from EPA/DHA canola. Continue reading

Cargill earnings
Cargill’s largest contributor to adjusted operating earnings in the first quarter was the Animal Nutrition and Protein Division. The beef business led the way in profitability, which was helped by higher numbers of cattle in the supply chain as well as consumer demand for more beef. The poultry-based divisions, along with turkey and egg businesses, were more profitable than they were in the previous year. Continue reading

Cargill this week reported financial results for the fourth quarter and full fiscal year ending May 31st, 2016. The report comes as the company is on what it calls a “transformative path” to strengthen financial performance. Continue reading

Cargill has stopped using an antibiotic for disease prevention in its turkey flocks. The move follows concerns that using the antibiotic, gentamicin (gent-ta-mice-in), contributes to the threat of antimicrobial resistance. Continue reading

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