Cargill Launches Fedbytrade Campaign

Dan Economy, Industry News Release, Trade

cargillCargill is launching a new campaign to provide stories that consumers can understand regarding how trade helps feed the world. The new initiative is called FedbyTrade, highlighting how companies are speaking up against the Trump Administration’s public criticisms of trade and the trade deficits.

The campaign is designed to provide facts about trade and trade deals. Cargill is also encouraging its employees and the producers they work with to be “ambassadors” for trade. They want farmers and employees to tell others how trade helps them. A Cargill corporate VP says, at its most basic level, trade facilitates feeding people. The focus of this isn’t just about NAFTA, although Cargill is working closely with other organizations to emphasize the benefits of the pact.

The campaign is more about countering the administration’s hostility toward all trade deals, including KORUS, TPP, and NAFTA. That hostility is costing the ag sector.

Cargill wants to know how many hits agriculture has to take before Washington realizes that trade hostility is affecting farmers and rural livelihoods.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.