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Almond growers and beekeepers have their fingers crossed that apiarists from California and out of state can supply the state’s 900,000 bearing acres of almond orchards with enough honeybees to pollinate and set this year’s crop.
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newly-planted- California almond trees-san-joaquin-valley-farm-watered-with-drip-irrigation
The primary objective of the California Almond Nursery Sales Survey is to estimate future almond acres based on the number of almond trees sold for new plantings.  This report summarizes data supplied by California nurseries throughout the State who sold to almond growers for commercial plantings.  Results from this survey will be used in conjunction with the Almond Acreage Survey to estimate the almond acres in California. Continue reading

California Almond at the harvest time. California, USA
California almond growers are facing similar price troubles as Midwest row-crop farmers. A predicted record almond harvest will drop prices again this year as the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects the harvest to reach 2.05 billion pounds for the 2016-17 crop year. Continue reading

orchard recycling
California producers saw another option for orchard recycling. Organizers said this demonstration aimed to show growers different ways to perform this practice and keep producers thinking about the benefits recycling can have in their orchards.

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Almond Hull crack
One way almond breeding is helping to reduce pests and disease is by looking for a happy medium between a tight shell and an easily cracked nut.

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Almond Board of California
According to Innova Market Insights, a research firm, new-product introductions with almonds have overtaken hazelnuts in Europe for the first time.

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2015 Crop reports are coming in across the state. Some counties showed an increase but a few of the top counties showed a significant decrease.

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Almond Achievement Award
Every year since 2011, the Almond Achievement Award has honored an industry or allied-industry member who has added value to the California Almond industry through long-term service, contributions or innovations.

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California – July Crop Comments

Peach orchard fruits
Mid-Season peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums continued to be harvested, packed, and shipped to domestic and foreign marketplaces. The hot weather caused stone fruits to mature about two weeks earlier than last year. Fruit trees were irrigated and herbicide applications made to some orchard floors. Pomegranates were sizing well. The blueberry harvest slowed and was completed by mid-month. Continue reading

high density almond
A few trials around the state are looking at high density almond plantings by using a dwarfing rootstock. Mapes Ranch and Lyons Investments is operating one of those projects just outside of Modesto.

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managing dust

Video Series Outlines Strategies for Minimizing Almond Harvest Dust

Dust from almond harvest can escape the confines of the orchard, becoming a nuisance for neighbors and posing the risk of reduced visibility on area roads. Aiming to keep more of that dust inside the orchard can help improve Central Valley air quality and support relationships with neighbors. Some dust is inevitable during almond harvest, but everyone who works in the orchard during harvest can play a role in reducing dust by utilizing a variety of key, research-based practices.

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Identifying Ants
Ants are a hit-or-miss pest in almonds, depending a lot on the soil type of the orchard. Advisors say properly identifying ants is an important step to determining pressure.

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An impressive tree grinding demonstration showed growers the possibility of capturing organic matter from orchard removal. University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources hosted the event where IronWolf showed how their machine works. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Brent Holtz talks about the research.

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Leaffooted bug pressure

Courtesy: UCANR

Almond growers can use the degree of cold winter weather as a prediction for leaffooted bug pressure into next season.

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An emergency nut theft summit educated growers and packers on a sophisticated crime wave that is still ongoing and can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss. Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux says the theft is nothing new, but the extent and new ways criminals are executing the crime has elevated the concern of the industry.

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winter sanitation.
Navel orangeworm (NOW) pressure has been high the last few years and possible wet El Nino weather could be good and challenging for winter sanitation.

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Economic Threshold

Courtesy: UCANR

Experts say there is no economic threshold for California almond producers to look for when dealing with leaf footed bug due to the damage they cause.

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