Almond Update: Despite Unstable Chinese Market, Some Positive Indications

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Since the tariff battle with China that began in 2018, total shipments to the region are down 70 million pounds. Tariffs have eased since then and there is an exemption option available for importers, however, shipments remain unstable. Despite these challenges, there are some positive trends happening in the Chinese market.

At the 2020 Virtual Almond Conference, Almond Board of California’s China Advisor Connie Cheung noted some of the indicators that are positive for California almonds. She said cultural beliefs about food and nutrition continue to be very positive for almonds and a large increase in the middle-class is one of a few key trends that will drive almond consumption. 

Watch Cheung’s presentation during the China: How to “Eat Beautiful” session at the 2020 Virtual Almond Conference.

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