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Almonds and Salinity in Groundwater

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Water allocations for Central Valley Project (CVP) contractors were released last week. Most contractors won’t receive the water allocations they need, leading them to pump groundwater.

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Friant Division contractors are some of those who will receive water. Contractors will receive allocations at 15 percent of their Class 1 water supply and zero percent of Class 2. Friant Water Authority expressed concern about the conservative CVP allocations. “Based on the current snowpack and reservoir conditions in and above Millerton Lake, FWA believes there is ample justification for an allocation higher than 15%,” FWA noted in a press release. “Not allocating water that is clearly available will only exacerbate an unnecessary rush to pump groundwater, causing additional overdraft.”

USDA researcher Ray Anderson discusses some other concerns involved with increased groundwater irrigation for California almond trees including higher salinity levels. 

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Almonds and Salinity in Groundwater

Danielle Leal
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