Almond Update: Almond Journey Podcast Spurring Grower Conversation

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Almond Journey
Almond Board of California

The Almond Board of California has officially entered the podcast world with their “Almond Journey” podcast. ABC’s Senior Director of Global Communications Daren Williams said it wasn’t good enough to have a podcast just because they are becoming more popular. “Everybody’s doing it, right? But that’s not a good reason for us to do it and we had to have a real specific audience in mind and a specific purpose,” he said.

ABC said the production will explore how growers, handlers, and other stakeholders are making things work in their operations to drive the almond industry forward. Well-known podcaster Tim Hammerich is hosting the Almond Journey and Williams said it’s spurring communication between producers. “It’s about facilitating growers-to-grower conversations,” he said. “We know that growers like to get information from other growers…That’s the idea behind the Almond Journey. It’s growers, sharing their personal stories of their journey and overcoming challenges along the way.”

Listen to William’s full interview.

Almond Update: Almond Journey Podcast Spurring Grower Conversation

There are four episodes of the podcast already available. You can listen to them and subscribe by searching “Almond Journey” wherever you get your podcasts and online at

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