Almond Update: ‘Rush To Safety’ Pushing Healthy Products With Almonds

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Rush To Safety
Almond Board of California

COVID-19 may have shifted consumer thinking similar to the last economic downturn over a decade ago. At the 2020 virtual Almond Conference, Innova Market Insights presented a poll they conducted in 12 countries. The data showed a huge jump in health and environmental aspects impacting food and drink purchases during the pandemic.

Director of Innovation Lu Ann Williams said this thinking will continue to drive purchases of health-conscious products, like plant-based, and items that are environmentally friendly. “(In 2019), the top three choices were flavor, brand and cost. Now we see that consumers have a lot more things on their minds which is not surprising,” she said. “The huge growth in environmental aspects also has to do with a rush-to-safety…Consumers really are looking for reassurance.”

Watch Williams’ portion of the ‘Innovating with Almonds to Satisfy Today’s Consumer’ session.

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