Workshop Explains Soil Water Tension Importance

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A recent workshop in the Central Valley stressed the importance of monitoring soil water tension. When installation is done correctly, this data can help a grower predict irrigations and save in the long run.

The Center for Irrigation Technology at California State University of Fresno held an irrigation workshop for citrus and grapes last week, looking at water in the soil. Hortau Sales Manager for the Central Valley, Joe Wiegand, says the tension measurement is a more accurate number to go by as growers become more precise with their irrigation.

Soil Water Tension Importance

Wiegand says growers need to make sure their tensiometers are installed correctly as small issues can make the meters report incorrect data.

Importance of Proper Installation

Weigand added this data can predict when an irrigation may be approaching and growers can even pinpoint those irrigations to save energy and money.

Anticipating Irrigations From Readings