Will Cold Spell Affect Pest Populations?

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kate cambell
There may be an upside to the cold, dry weather we had just a few weeks ago, slight as that upside is. The California Farm Bureau reports some pest experts say growers could see fewer pests in commercial crops this spring and summer, while others say it may not make a difference.

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An article by Kate Campbell published in the current Ag Alert gives several examples. The lygus bug tends to be worse in years with a lot of water. Water is certainly not abundant this year, so the lygus population will likely be down.

Bagrada bugs also seem to have a difficult time with cold, dry weather and growers in the Central Coast areas may see lighter pest pressure.

The freeze was a big problem for citrus growers. And a big pest problem for growers is the Asian citrus psyllid. It’s not yet known how the weather really affects the psyllid, but Ventura County officials tell the Farm Bureau the weather does not seem to affect the psyllids there.

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