The Western View: September is California Wine Month

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Vineyard near Sonoma in the Napa Valley region, California.
Photo by Len Wilcox

This month we celebrate 250 years of winemaking in the Golden State and honor the people who make California wines so popular. With nearly 5,000 wineries in the state, California is the world’s fourth-largest wine producer and the source of over 80 percent of the country’s total wine production.

Central Valley vineyard, Sanger, California
Photo by Len Wilcox

But it hasn’t been easy. the California Wine Industry has had its ups and downs. It all began with the Spanish invasion of California, and their first missions along the coast. Junipero Serra planted the first grapes in the state at the mission he founded in San Diego. Eventually the Spanish established 21 missions along the coast, and Father Serra brought vines and winemaking skills to all of them. In 1830, a French immigrant from Bordeaux built the first commercial winery in Los Angeles, followed by a German group who farmed on land that is now Disneyland. From these humble beginnings the wine industry grew with the state’s big booms during and after the Gold Rush, but the temperance movement, and a devastating vine disease slowed it down, then in 1919, Prohibition stopped it in its tracks.

Prohibition ended in 1933, but the wine industry was slow to develop. After the Korean war it began to expand, and finally reached acceptance around the world in 1976 when both red and white California wines beat out the French and all others during a prestigious competition in Paris. California has since become a world leader in wine.

Wine grapes, Korneck Rd, Sonoma CA
Photo by Len Wilcox

While it began as a California event, Wine Month its spreading to other grape- growing regions around the country. Texas grape growers hold a huge annual festival – actually, in typical Texas fashion, organizers believe it’s the biggest grape festival in the world. Known as Grapefest, it’s a harvesting and wine festival that features grape stomping, wine tasting, live music, and a wine competition.


In California, wineries from Napa to San Diego are celebrating the harvest with special wine tours, tastings, concerts and more. There’s more than 100 events going on, all to celebrate a California agricultural product that is enjoyed around the world. To find an event near you, visit California wines dot com.

September is California Wine Month

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