Weekly Crop Progress for 12-26-13

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We take a look at crop progress from around the state.
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Field Crops
Winter wheat conditions declined due to a lack of precipitation and recent winds in the North Central Valley. Growers in the Imperial Valley were irrigating before the irrigation district shut off water for annual canal maintenance. Over three-quarters of the wheat crop was emerged by week’s end. Every cotton field was plowed as the compliance date for Cotton Plow Down Regulations had passed. Alfalfa production was complete.

Pruning continued in vineyards and stone fruit orchards. Grape vines continued to lose leaves and go dormant. Disking, shredding brush and trellis work was also ongoing. Citrus harvest was slowed due to the freezing temperatures. Growers used wind machines and overnight irrigation to prevent and limit freeze damage. Navel oranges and mandarins sustained some freeze damage. County inspectors evaluated the extent of the damage.

Nut crops:
Harvested almond, walnut and pistachio orchards were pruned, irrigated, and fertilized. Cold temperatures benefitted the nut trees by helping them go dormant. Tree removals were ongoing and land was prepared for tree planting.

San Luis Obispo County reported damage to lettuce due to the freeze. Monterey County reported broccoli and cauliflower were harvested. Onions were growing well and fields were prepared for, or planted to, winter vegetables in Tulare County. Fresno County reported leafy vegetables were harvested. Carrots were hit by the frost. Onions were planted and irrigated. Tomato beds were established. Broccoli was sprayed and harvested in Stanislaus County. Fields were cleared in San Mateo County. Some areas were still harvesting Brussels sprouts.