Water Professionals Gather to Discuss Water and Energy Efficiency

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Water professionals from around the state are preparing to meet in Sacramento to discuss the future of efficient water and energy use in California, but many are now focusing on an immediate future threatened by drought.

As a result, California Irrigation Institute conference organizers have secured recently appointed Deputy Drought Manager Jeanine Jones to provide an update during Friday’s luncheon regarding what the state of California intends to do. This bonus presentation has become a draw for many registering attendees at the 52nd annual conference of agricultural, urban and environmental water experts.

“CII has been focused on the theme of building a water and energy efficient California,” said the Institute’s Executive Director, Brandon Souza. “However, folks are understandably tense about the decisions that will be made in the coming weeks. We will try to help shed more light on this urgent topic.”

Benjamin Grumbles, President of the Washington D.C. based nonprofit U.S. Water Alliance, an organization committed to changing how people think about water and energy, is providing the keynote to this year’s conference.

“A goal for this year’s conference is to help find ways for agricultural, urban and environmental stakeholders to come together and find common ground to move forward,” notes Institute President, Inge Bisconer. “We’ve assembled some of the best minds in the industry to jumpstart the conversation and figure out how to move forward in the smartest, most efficient way possible – it’s a conference you won’t want to miss.”

The conference will be held January 23-24th, 2014, in Sacramento, CA.  For more information, go to www.caii.org.