Gift Ideas with Bacon

Dan Hogs & Pork, This Land of Ours

giftFor those of us that have absolutely no idea what to get for our love, Cathy Isom has some unique Valentine gift ideas for the bacon lover in your life. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Flowers and Candy and red roses are always nice gestures on Valentines Day. And Americans will be shelling out BILLIONS of dollars today for the pretty petals. But if you’re looking for something a little different for your significant other this year… why not say it with love with bacon?
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“I prefer crispy American bacon, good good American. The grease, the kind of crunches when you chew it. And you don’t chew it, you just bite it.”

That’s New England Patriot’s Tight End Mortellis Bennett – who says everyone in his household is a big fan of those strips of fatty pork.

“My wife doesn’t like pork and she eats bacon. My dog eats bacon. Who doesn’t like bacon?

And bacon seems to be quite popular these days… because you can find it on just about anything, and anywhere.

“Yes, you put bacon around scallops. Bacon around other things. Bacon is, bacon on a burger, bacon on a pizza, bacon on bacon on anytime is good.”
gift ideas
And just in time for Valentines Day, many businesses are getting into the act by creating bouquets of long-stemmed bacon roses. You can try to make the bouquet yourself, there are recipes online and step by step guides, otherwise it will cost about $45 bucks for someone else to make them for you. Other unique gift ideas, include chocolate-covered bacon, bacon candy, bacon donuts, and bacon-infused vodka.

I’m Cathy Isom…