Tulare Co. Farm Bureau Backs Both Proposals

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As communities around California continue to struggle with drought conditions, local leaders around the state are showing their support for water initiatives.
Tulare Co. Farm Bureau Backs Both Proposals

The Tulare County Farm Bureau board of directors was the most recent to announce their support as they encouraged politicians to look at current proposals H.R. 3964 and S. 2016.
Although the two bills differ significantly, they both have many solutions including short term and long term plans.
The Board sent a letter in support of both bills and asked for a comprehensive solution that included immediate relief from the Endangered Species Act and increased storage capacity with old and new reservoirs. President Steve Goldin said that Storage MUST be in both bills, including new storage like the Temperance flat site and expanding current reservoirs and dams to hold more water.
The Board also asked that the Endangered Species Act and the San Joaquin Restoration Act which limits water allocation to be revised.