Things to Do Now to Get a Head Start on the Fall Garden

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The things you can do now to get a head start on the Fall garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

fall garden

With another month of hot temps upon us there’s still much work to do in the garden.  Including, getting it ready for fall crops. Take some time to remove spent vegetables such as summer squash and bean plants. Pull tomato plants that are done bearing and showing signs of late blight. No need to use them for compost – destroy them. 

Gather fallen fruit from trees. This limits disease spread and keeps wasps to a minimum. Analyze the garden for bare spots or areas in need of additions and look for good garden performers for fall planting. Now is the right time to sow cool weather crops, such as cabbages, lettuces, broccoli, swiss chard, kale, beets and radishes.

For specs of color, plant some fall-annual blooming mums. In areas with a longer growing season, plant seeds of sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and marigolds. Touch up the tropical hibiscus by doing a little pruning before bringing them in for the winter. 

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Things to Do Now to Get a Head Start on the Fall Garden