The Western View: What’s Going on in Seattle?

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2020 continues to astound us.  The latest is the birth of CHAZ – the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone – in Seattle. These Anti-fa radicals took over part of a US city and claimed it for its own.

The Seattle mayor and the state’s governor aren’t taking them very seriously; they pulled back the cops and let the radicals build their fantasy.

And in many ways, these guys do sound like clowns.  Their supporters say  it’s not a rebellion but a street party, a festival where people are peacefully gathering to discuss how to better the world without police.

The government’s reaction is puzzling.  The Antifas took over the police precinct, then told the city they wanted the fire station, too, for a community center.  And the city said ok, they can have it.

The rest of the country watches in disbelief as these 60’s style protestors carry signs and plant a community garden,  paint slogans on the streets and spray graffiti on the buildings. The claim it’s a no-cop zone, and the city told the police to stay out.  However, these guys have their own armed group to keep law and order; the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club – who identify themselves as an “anti-fascist, anti-racist, pro-worker community defense organization”.  I guess they’ve decided that not all cops are bad.

For all the craziness, it’s my hope no one gets hurt when the fantasy falls down.  Certainly, Antifa has some crazy, unworkable ideas, and they seem threatening to the status quo; but we need to hear them out.  These are American young people acting out; they’ve broken the law and need to pay for it, but they have something to say and whether they like it or not, our constitution gives them the right to say it.  Let’s just hope it all ends peacefully.  And soon.  2020 is waiting in the wings to spring its next surprise, and we can’t wait.  On the strip in Vegas, earthquakes have a small edge over a volcano eruption.

I’m Len Wilcox and that’s the Western View from AgNet West and Citrus Industry Magazine.

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