Stocking Your Aquaponics System with Fish

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aquaponics systemCathy Isom has some suggestions about the best fish species to source for your aquaculture or aquaponics system. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Stocking Your Aquaponics System

Some of the best-recommended fish species to add to your new backyard aquaculture or aquaponics system on the farm include Blue Tile Tilapia, also known as Rocky Mountain White tilapia. They are fast-growing, disease-resistant, tolerant of poor water conditions, very tasty, and quite beautiful.

Catfish. These bottom feeders are super tough and adapt to a wide range of water conditions.

There is a variety of perch suitable for small scale aquaculture, though yellow perch, a native of the Great Lakes, is the most common. They grow faster than most other perch, but still not as fast as tilapia.

Carp. Though not a popular dinner item in North America. Carp is one of the most widely consumed fish throughout the world. They’re extremely tough, fast-growing, and help to maintain good water quality in your tanks.

Hybrid Striped Bass, Trout, and Salmon are also great recommendations for raising in your own backyard.

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Image credit: (top left) This is a (unrealistically) gorgeous aquaculture system in which tilapia is being farmed./TUKTUKFILM/