San Luis Obispo Weathers 2020 With Solid Production

Brian German Industry

Crop and livestock reports are very important for the agriculture industry to track their progress and get statistics on specific commodities. It is safe to say that these reports are essential, especially during such a trying year. San Luis Obispo (SLO) County recently released its 2020 report and AgNet West had the opportunity to speak with Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer for SLO County, Martin Settevendemie.

San Luis Obispo

One of the highlights of the report was that with over 400 commodities, values dropped less than one percent, even with the whirlwind that was COVID-19. Although the entire country was shut down, farmers continued their job and showed just how resilient the agriculture community is. “I am proud of our ag industry in the fact they were able to come through a pandemic as well as they did,” said Settevendemie.

When asked about the top ten commodities for the year, Settevendemie did not hesitate to speak with pride about how successful San Luis Obispo County was. The top ten commodities were strawberries at number one, followed by winegrapes, avocados, cattle and calves, vegetable transplants, broccoli, cauliflower, head lettuce, cut flowers, and lemons. Strawberries have held the top position for a few years and there was a significant gap of nearly $70 million between the top two crops. Settevendemie said that although some ranks may change from year to year, it is typical for the same commodities to make up the top ten.

With solid numbers for 2020, Settevendemie has some predictions for the 2021 crop year. While having mostly positive feedback, he also foresees some challenges that include the drought, a shortage of acreage, and smoke taint. Nonetheless, he is confident that farmers and ranchers will continue to be resilient, no matter the issues that may arise.

To get income breakdowns and predictions for the upcoming year, listen to the full interview below.