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Retail Market Mushroom Farm

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retail marketHow great would it be to see your produce growing right in the supermarket? Cathy Isom tells us about the innovative way a retail market is giving customers the freshest possible produce. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

A brand new Whole Foods location in New Jersey is catching a lot of attention in its produce section … with a mushroom farm. In a glowing box with lights, the mini farm features three different kinds of oyster mushrooms — yellow, blue and pink.

retail marketThe mushrooms are first grown in nearby farms and then brought in during the final stage of growth. Once the mushrooms are ready, they’re placed in bags on nearby shelves for customer’s to help themselves.

Smallhold, the company that produces the mushroom farms, says mushrooms are tricky to transport and have a short shelf life, both problems the mini farms eliminate. These benefits afford retailers the ability to price their mushrooms at a lower price per pound.

The company’s mini farms can be found in a handful of restaurants, but Whole Foods is the first retail partner.

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Images courtesy of Smallhold.