Resilience 2020 Campaign Highlights Resolve of California Ranchers

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The California Cattle Council (CCC) is working with the California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) to launch a project called Resilience 2020, as a means of reassuring consumers that California ranchers are addressing the challenges of COVID-19.  The combined effort highlights the resolve of the industry in assuring beef demand is met despite some of the issues that have arisen in getting meat processed expeditiously.

Resilience 2020

“The processors here in California have dealt with the COVID-19 issues very successfully.  They’ve been able to keep operating; no plants have closed,” CCA President Mark Lacey explained to AgNet West. “Nationwide, there’s been some disruptions of plants and that’s slowed things down. So, there is starting to be a backlog and its impacting prices in a negative way at the producer level anyway.”

The Resilience 2020 campaign is meant to affirm the commitment of California ranchers in producing an ample supply of sustainable beef in the safest possible manner despite the challenges.  The beef industry is accustomed to working to overcome obstacles, whether its drought conditions, wildfires, or difficult market conditions.

“We typically want to rely on our resiliency and our experience in managing in this state and we fight through tough markets and tough weather,” said Lacey. “We live in a state that’s extremely regulated and other things compared to other places that I’ve run cattle and we still have guys that are able to hang in there and keep doing what they do.”

An online resource has been set up to help keep consumers and industry members informed about the work being done to navigate the difficulties that have arisen related to COVID-19.  The coordinated effort aims to encourage the public that California will emerge stronger than ever as the pandemic passes.

“California’s cattle community has seen it all and resilience ensures our survival. As the uncertainty of COVID-19 grips every community, there’s comfort knowing that we’re in this together,” rancher and CCC Chair Dave Daley said in a press release. “I have no doubt that California’s resilience will see us through this crisis stronger than ever.”

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