Registration Open for Annual Nutrient Management Conference

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Registration is open for the annual nutrient management conference hosted by CDFA’s Fertilizer Research and Education Program and the Western Plant Health Association.  The 27th annual conference is being held October 27-30 at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Fresno.  The event provides an opportunity for industry professionals and academic researchers to come together to learn about and share the latest research and innovative management practices for fertilizing materials.

A farm tour will kick off the conference on October 28, where attendees will visit a diversified vegetable farm as well as a table grape vineyard.  Presentations and breakout sessions will begin on October 29, featuring information on nitrogen and irrigation management as well as organic amendments.  The day will conclude with a poster session showcasing ongoing research projects across California.  The final day of the conference will feature presentations on soil and salinity management, along with irrigation design and maintenance.

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Registration Open for Annual Nutrient Management Conference
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