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Rare Southern California Rain Sets Up Avocados

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Southern California coastal growing areas usually see little of the winter and early spring rainfall in the state, but not this year. 

southern california

California Avocado Commission President Tom Bellamore agreed with many others in the state that the amount of precipitation California had received so far this year is a welcomed sight. “Fortunately the rain has been over a period of time and hasn’t caused a lot of erosion problems or knocked over very many trees,” he said. “Our growers are very, very happy.” 

The difference between this year and others is the amount of rain southern coastal growing areas have received. “There are often times where the northern counties might get a decent rainfall, but the south comes up short,” Bellamore said. “This year, because of the way those storm systems came in from the south, San Diego County, Riverside, Orange County did quite well in terms of total rainfall.”

Bellamore added that the rain is overdue for the industry and will set up trees nicely for the 2020 season.

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Rare Southern California Rain Sets Up Avocados

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