Race 1 and Race 4 Fusarium are Different

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Sabrina Hill continues our series on dealing with Race 4 Fusarium with a look at how it is different from, and more destructive, than Race 1.
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Fusarium can cause serious damage to cotton and other crops around California. Growers deal with a few types of the fungus, classified as races, and Dr. Bob Hutmacher says Race 4 Fusarium is worse than its relative, Race 1. He says Race 1 Fusarium is only seen to cause significant damage when it’s in combination with root-knot nematode. But that’s not the case with Race 4.

“One of the things that’s distinctly different with Race 4 Fusarium, is you can really have it in any soil type,” he said. “We have some some evidence that it’s actually made worse where you also have root-knot nematode, but it can take off and reproduce and cause economic damage really in about any soil type with or without root-knot nematode, and that’s a real significant change. It means that it can be eventually in any of these types of fields.”

He says if a grower suspects they have Race 4 Fusarium, they should have it tested and then make informed decisions about how to handle it.

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