Problems and Solutions When Growing Artichokes

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Some problems and solutions when growing your own artichokes at home. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Artichoke seedlings are particularly susceptible to disease, and unless you’re taking proper care to sanitize tools and supplies, you may end up with limp, lifeless seedlings due to damping off.

Slugs are a common issue for fragile young artichoke plants and are a problem in humid and moist areas. Use traps to get rid of slugs and avoid excess moisture and humidity by watering selectively.

  • Artichoke is also susceptible to a host of leaf sucking insects including aphids. While a strong burst of water from a hose might dislodge the little suckers, it’s not ideal since the excess moisture may bring about fungal infections. Instead, pick off critters and drop them in soapy water.
  • Cutworms also like to munch on growing artichokes. Till your soil and keep up on weeding during the growing season.
  • Artichoke Plume Moth is a 1-inch brown moth which feeds on all of the parts of growing artichokes. They are primarily a problem where artichokes are grown as perennials. Parasitic wasps and other beneficial insects can help control infestations.

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Problems and Solutions When Growing Artichokes