U.S. Pork Farmers Get Outstanding Return on Checkoff Investment

DanHogs & Pork, Industry News Release

pork farmersA 2017 study says U.S. pork farmers get a very positive return on their checkoff investment. The study was done by Harry Kaiser at Cornell University.

91 percent of the pork farmers who took part in the November survey acknowledge their overwhelming support of the pork checkoff, knocking opposition levels down to just three percent.

The National Pork Board commissions a study every five years. “It’s important that the producers who directly support and fund the Pork Checkoff to understand and quantify the value of their investments,” says Terry O’Neel, National Pork Board President.

The most recent study covers the years 2011-2016. It showed that, among other returns on investment, each dollar invested in production research to benefit on-farm practices yielded $83.30 in producer value. Each dollar invested in developing foreign markets returned $24.70 in producers benefits.

Other pork promotions resulted in benefits of $14.20 for advertising and $12.40 for non-advertising promotion. Collectively, the overall checkoff return for all activities is $25.50 for each dollar invested.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.