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Add a Pond to Your Garden or Farm

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pond farm gardenCathy Isom has so many reasons why a pond would make a great addition to your garden or farm. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Add a Pond to Your Garden or Farm

Whether you’d prefer a trickling waterfall or a babbling brook. Or perhaps something much smaller and quiet tucked away in the plant foliage, ponds are an easy addition to or farm.

On permaculture plots, it is generally recommended that ponds take up about fifteen percent of the landscape.

Ponds are such a popular feature. Not to mention extremely beneficial. For example, they attract wildlife such as birds, bees, and dragonflies. They’ll stop by for a drink, while others, newts, frogs, and crustaceans, might make it a home.

Ponds also support aquaculture. Bodies of water are potentially much more productive places than land. Lots of plants, edible, and otherwise, thrive in wet conditions. Plus, you could grow plenty of plants in and around your ponds.

Another benefit of having a pond. They reflect sunlight. Plants that require lots of sunshine will get a little extra photosynthesizing. The reflection off of the water could also be used to bounce a little extra sunshine into a window for natural lighting.

Ponds also moderate temperatures. While air can change temperatures much more rapidly, water is a thermal mass and adjusts slowly. Which is why it can be freezing outside but ponds are not iced over.

Ponds Store Water, therefore ponds can be positioned on higher parts of a property so that they can gravity-feed water down to parched gardens.

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