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Odd Turkey Facts

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turkey facts
Cathy Isom has some interesting facts about turkey that may surprise you. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Odd Turkey Facts

When it comes to turkey, there’s actually a lot to talk about.

Yes, we already know it’s Americans favorite protein… and we know that Americans will be eating more than 45-million turkeys on Thanksgiving this year. But exactly what do you really know about that bird. For example:

did you know all turkey species originated in Mexico?

Or that people have been eating turkeys for hundreds, even thousands of years?

Researchers discovered the earliest known instance of turkey domestication in a Mayan archaeological site in Guatemala, presumably from a ceremony, sacrifice or a feast. And the bones were more than 2,000 years old.

Another odd turkey fact: You won’t find turkey eggs in a store. That’s because they lay significantly fewer eggs per year than chickens do. Market price of one turkey egg is estimated to be about $3.50 cents, which is more than twelve times that of a chicken egg.

Turkey’s also change color. Well, at least the heads and necks of males do. Naturally a grayish blue, their skin can turn a deep red-purple when they get excited or mad. And turkeys – like humans keep getting bigger and bigger. The average turkey in the 19-30’s weighed about 13 pounds. Today’s turkeys tip the scales at just under 30 pounds.