Net Zero Initiative Looks to Improve Environmental Stewardship on Dairies

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Net Zero Initiative

A new effort called the Net Zero Initiative was recently introduced to help dairy producers improve environmental stewardship practices. The initiative was launched by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy (ICUSD) and has received significant support from Nestlé. The Net Zero Initiative is a component of ICUSD’s 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals.

“The U.S. dairy community has been working together to provide the world with responsibly-produced, nutritious dairy foods,” ICUSD Chairman Mike Haddad said in a press release. “With the entire dairy community at the table – from farmers and cooperatives to processors, household brands and retailers – we’re leveraging U.S. dairy’s innovation, diversity and scale to drive continued environmental progress and create a more sustainable planet for future generations.”

Nestlé has already signed up to support the efforts of the Net Zero Initiative. A $10 million commitment and a multi-year partnership were established to help improve access to environmental practices and resources. The goal is to drive the dairy industry to achieve carbon neutrality, optimized water usage, and improved water quality. Moving forward, there is hope that other partners will join the effort to improve sustainability measures within the industry.

“We know a lot more is possible – proven science and evidence from dairy’s existing best practices tells us we can get to net zero,” Haddad noted. “This is not only good for dairy farmers, it’s also good for all businesses that serve dairy, the communities where we farm and the millions of people who enjoy dairy every day.”

Many of the practices and technologies necessary for reaching dairy industry sustainability goals are currently available. The Net Zero Initiative is a collaboration of dairy organizations seeking to improve the access and affordability of sustainable stewardship. The initiative hopes to inspire industry members and supporters to help advance research and development of sustainable practices and technologies.

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