Multiple Benefits of Sustainability Programs

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Several groups in the state’s wine industry have been in the forefront of leading the sustainability charge. As AgNet West has reported on before, The Vineyard Team, based in the Central Coast area, is one of those organizations. The group started a certification program called Sustainability In Practice, and qualifying wineries go through a certification process that looks at the entirety of their operations.

Programs Providing Sustainability Proof

Side Benefits of Sustainability Programs

Castoro Cellars in Paso Robles was excited about the program. Sales, Marketing and Director of Social Media Luke Udsen says the program seemed like a good fit for them at the beginning, due to the fact they were already practicing some of those standards.

Castoro Cellars’ experience aside, members of the vineyard team say the process can be difficult. As more and more growers look into sustainability practices, they have questions about the benefits of these programs. Udsen says there is no real way to see if that certification equals profit, but the marketability of sustainable practices is worth it to them.