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Monsanto to Appeal California Glyphosate Ruling

DanEnvironment, Industry News Release

Monsanto will appeal a ruling by a California judge allowing the state to force Monsanto to label Roundup as a possible cancer threat because it contains glyphosate. Monsanto sued the nation’s leading agricultural state, saying California officials illegally based their decision to require the labels on information from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, according to the LA Times. The agency has categorized glyphosate as a likely carcinogen, against many other science and environment agencies findings. Following the findings, California took its first step in 2015 to require the warning labels. Monsanto contends California is delegating its authority to an unelected foreign body with no accountability to U.S. or state officials in violation of the California Constitution. Monsanto’s Roundup is sold in 160 countries, and farmers in California use it on 250 types of crops.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.