Mexico, Canada, Could Seek Dairy Access to U.S.

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mexicoMexico and Canada may have little to ask for when it comes to ag trade barriers with the United States, but they could seek further dairy access.

Former chief agriculture trade negotiator, Darci Vetter, told Politico since both Mexico and Canada have long wanted U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognition to sell Grade A dairy products like fresh yogurt and fresh cheeses in the U.S., there could be pressure to allow those products in.

The U.S. has already eliminated most agricultural tariffs through the NAFTA framework, except for dairy and sugar. However, the U.S. and Mexico recently struck a sugar deal that takes care of most immediate concerns, while Canada continues to want to export more refined sugar to the United States. Vetter says Canada wants to import raw sugar from other countries around the world, refine it, and have it count as Canadian when exported to the U.S. so it can enter duty-free.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.