Methods to Keep Pests Off of Crops

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methodsCathy Isom has some methods for keeping critters off of our crops. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Here are some time-tested methods and great ways for keeping those pests away from our crops without using pesticides.

The first rule of natural pest control is to plant a diverse garden. Because when we plant a mix of fruit and veggies and herbs, not one thing stands out. Which means it will be harder for pests to find what they’re really after.

Having a lot of aromatic culinary herbs mixed in a garden, for example, will throw off the pests scent.

Raised gardens will also be useful against pests.

Another useful method is having healthy soils.

Or, do it yourself pest sprays, such as using natural ingredients by using things like garlic, cayenne, tobacco, neem, and coffee grounds. Household ingredients we have on hand but don’t realize are helpful for keeping critters at by.

Controlling pests rarely requires chemical solutions, we just have to do our homework.

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