Marijuana and California Agriculture: Part Three

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Marijuana operations are not only found in the mountains or a the back yard of a residence. Many times, marijuana growers invade a legitimate farmer’s field, remove parts of the farmer’s crop and plant marijuana. In large crops, the marijuana can grow and be harvested without the produce farmer ever knowing it was there. Sabrina Hill continues our series on marijuana and California agriculture.
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There are many problems when marijuana growers move into ag land.. and one of those problems is the destruction they often do to legal crops. Lieutenant Rick Ko is with the Fresno County Sheriff Department’s Marijuana Eradication Task Force.

Ko spoke recently at a seminar held by the Fresno County Farm Bureau, and told them about the problems a Central California corn grower had with a marijuana crop that kept showing up in the center of his field. It was originally discovered because the corn grower has a friend who flew over the crop and noticed a pair of two-acre plots in the middle of the corn field that had a different plant growing.

There are some signs growers can watch for which could tell them if a drug operation is using their land. Look for entry points around the perimeter that you didn’t make.. and if you’re a corn grower especially and have the chance to fly overhead, watch for an unevenness in your crop. And if you see anything unusual, don’t take matters into your own hands, but call the authorities.

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