Joining U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Is Easy and Provides Industry Benefits

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The National Cotton Council is working to organize educational outreach opportunities and enrollment meetings for cotton producers interested in joining the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. As greater attention is paid to the overall supply chain and the demand for transparency continues to increase, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is setting a standard for sustainability in the cotton industry. The program tracks and validates the progress made in the area of sustainability to make U.S. cotton even more competitive in the world market. Sam Lythgoe, the client lead for the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol at Hill + Knowlton Strategies, said there is significant value in joining the program.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

“Without all of the verification and the documentation that comes with the Protocol, our U.S. cotton does risk not being part of those preferred fiber lists. And that will impact demand,” Lythgoe noted. “Because of all of the great growing practices in the U.S., actually this is not about asking our growers to do something different. This is asking them to simply document the practices that they are doing so that it can be aggregated with full privacy into those metrics…I would say, big picture, it’s worth being part of.”

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Joining U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Is Easy and Provides Industry Benefits
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