Home Run for Fresno Grizzlies Ag Program

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Fresno Grizzlies Farm Grown
One California triple-a baseball team has created a program that shows the importance of agriculture not only to baseball fans, but the community as well. Sabrina Hill has the story.
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The triple-A baseball team the Fresno Grizzlies is a farm team for the San Francisco Giants, but now, they’re taking the term “farm” back to its roots.

Team owner Chris Cummings says one aspect of the Grizzlies’ Farm Grown project is the community garden and demonstration farm at the downtown Fresno ballpark. The community garden is already filled with plants, while the demonstration farm is still in the planning phase.

Grizzlies Community Relations Coordinator Risa Isard says there are many parts to the program, including the Farm Grown Council. There are seats open on the council, and the project is looking for volunteers with all kinds of experience with agriculture to help with their mission.

For more information on the Grizzlies’ Farm Grown projects, click here.

Fresno Grizzlies Farm Grown
(L-R)Fresno Grizzlies Owner Chris Cummings, Business Development Coordinator Mona Cummings, and Community Relations Coordinator Risa Isard