High-Tech Farming with Drones

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Farming practices have come a long way from the old mule and plow days. Now farmers may not even need to be outside with unmanned aircraft equipped with imaging sensors and other new technologies aiming to make farming even more efficient. Sabrina Hill has more.
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According to the Association of the Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Unmanned autonomous systems are becoming more common place as a tool for farmers. Much of the technology was originally developed for other purposes, such as the helicopter dubbed the Aerobot 100, which was originally designed to be used as an eye in the sky for the military, police or fire department.

With a camera attached on its bottom, it provides a bird’s eye view of areas that are otherwise inaccessible. And now using that same principle, producers who farm large fields could use the machine to inspect crops for insect or disease damage before they can be spotted by crop scouts.

As fewer people work on the farm, adopting these new technologies could play a key role in the success of farms everywhere.