Farming from the Heart- Sheep Day

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On April 9, a large group of Utah State University students made the four-hour trek from Logan, Utah up to Granger, Wyoming for the biannual event called Sheep Day, put on by Carnegie professor Doctor Lyle McNeal and the Broadbent family.

The group was conducting the biannual BSE Test, which is the Breeding Soundness Exam, where ranchers test their rams for Brucella Ovis. Brucella Ovis is a disease that can do damage to a rancher’s flock, such as causing abortions in the ewes. This event called Sheep Day has been going on twice a year for over 20 years.

Farming from the Heart- Sheep Day


Students Joshua Haymore and Laurel Britt were interviewed as well as one of the Broadbent Ranch owners, Vance Broadbent.

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