Farm Groups Discuss Food Industry GMO Marketing Claims/Conflict with Sustainable Agriculture

Dan Dairy & Livestock, Industry News Release

National farm association leaders unveiled plans for a “straight talk” campaign to engage the food industry in a dialogue on sustainable agriculture production, the marketing practices used to reach consumers, and the intersection of both trends. The farmers were also joined by an agricultural academic researcher who talks about why sustainability and food biotechnology are linked.

This follows the decision by six leading national farm organizations last week to send a letter to Dannon  challenging its misleading assertions on the sustainability of the food industry (see below for link to the letter and Dannon response).

Crop farmer Nancy Kavazanjian of Wisconsin (U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance chairwoman), dairy farmer Randy Mooney of Missouri (National Milk Producers Federation chairman) and Randy Krotz (USFRA CEO) discuss the reasons for the campaign, how these tools are continually improving farming and ranching practices, and the next steps in this effort. Additionally, Dr. Marty Matlock (University of Arkansas Professor of Ecological Engineering, Office for Sustainability Executive Director) discuss how food biotechnology affects sustainability.

Introduction is Paul Spooner, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance: intro-paul-spooner

Dr. Marty Matlock: Dr. Marty Matlock

Randy Mooney: Randy Mooney

Nancy Kavazanjian: Nancy Kavazanjian

Randy Krotz: Randy Krotz

Letter to Dannon from agriculture groups.

Dannon response to the letter.